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Monday, November 28, 2011

.... Up the Hill to Fetch a Pail of Water

Well, I don't have a well, or a Jack, and my name isn't Jill. And I started walking up the Hill to fetch a pail of rain water Wednesday or Thanksgiving Day, 2011 to make into my own private drinking water.  I must have been under the pressure of the New Moon and Mercury Retrograde. I allowed myself to call myself out onto the carpet and listen deeply to what my grumbling, dissenting inner voices were saying. They laid out a long list of undone projects and abandoned dreams and interests. Was a bit overwhelming. I really, really, really wanna be true to myself! I asked for guidance and got the message to start with the most immediate thing. I was THIRSTY! But, I couldn't think of anything I wanted to drink. We are on Nashville Metro water (Cumberland punch)..and we have a filter on it. I had rather be thirsty than to drink it! It tasted fine, yet at some nonverbal level, I didn't want it. I cast my inquiry around and it landed on "I want rain water, boiled with rocks, filtered, and aerated." (Like fresh running clean stream water used to be.)

I complied with myself. Put in a fossil, a large piece of crystalline geode, some small beach pebbles and boiled for at least 10 minutes. The first batch I put chickweed, and bits of leaf from rosemary, thyme, Indian Strawberry, dandelion, and a couple of other things after the water cooled down. The plant matter floated. I had poured the water back and forth to aerate it.

The water felt wetter and definitely more satisfying. It was easy for me to drink a lot. ( Literature I read informs that  urine that is colorless or nearly colorless indicates sufficient hydration.) I was easily able to drink treated rain water enough to get the color out my urine. (Use of a clear or white container enables me to see the color without the misleading dilution of toilet bowl water.)

A little while after drinking the first batch of water, I felt a bit sick. I assume this was the result of the movement of toxins being released.

About 5 days into my drink rain water project, I added a clean egg shell to the rocks for boiling, to get mineral my body needs in addition to the small amount coming from the rocks.

I have a sense of well being doing this and am overall feeling better, even though I have been excessively eating Holiday meals and left overs.

The reader may be wondering about the safety of rain water compared to city water. Our rain water comes from a metal roof, not asphalt shingle roof. The first rains that wash the air and the collecting roof is dumped to the side before the cleaner rain is allowed to flow into the holding tanks.

Pollution is a problem with water. I figure what I can collect is cleaner than what the water treatment plants can produce. Our filter reduces the chlorine and sediment, but doesn't remove all the weird man-made chemical (think, agricultural run off, and what all the humans flush down their toilets and drugs they excrete in their urine.) So my body feels happier with the rain water than the filtered city water. I can not speak for anyone elses' body.

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DollFace said...

This sounds like a great idea! I hope to finally get a rain barrel situated for my shared house in Hardeman County, TN. We have a tin roof, as well, and I've been asking for two years now! The eggshell idea is definitely something I am going to try, along with our own organic garden herbs. :)